Drain & Sewer Cleaning in the Greater Milwaukee Wisconsin Area

Slow running drains, water and/or sewer backups can be a simple clog or a sign of a more serious, or emergency situation. Bohmann Plumbing offers solutions to any and all of your sewer problems. We offer camera inspections and repair services as warranted.

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Buying a New Home?

We strongly recommend that potential buyers hire an independent plumbing contractor to thoroughly inspect their prospective building's plumbing, in particular the underground sanitary and storm drains. There are many factors that affect these buried pipes and waiting for symptoms to appear causes a lot of stress for building owners.

Tools of The Trade

  • Toilet Auger: just the right tool tricky toilet clogs
  • Drain Machine: specialized cleaning machine for inside drains and pipes
  • Air Blast: high pressure air to blow open stubborn clogs
  • Water Jetting: high pressure sprays wash away grease and sludge build ups
  • Cable Cleaning: with up to 4" cutting blades to open your pipes and allow full flowage
  • Camera Inspection: of pipes and sewer